Pranav Sankar Srinivasan
Simi Valley, CA

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University of California, Los Angeles June 2023
B.S. Computer Engineering, Minor in Entrepreneurship, GPA 3.7/4.0
~ Honors: Fast Track Honors Program, Dean’s Honor List
~ Relevant Coursework: Machine Learning, Advanced Algorithms, Data Management Systems, Operating Systems


Languages: Python, C/C++, Golang, JavaScript, SQL, Swift, HTML, CSS
Frameworks + Tools: Cadence Workflow, React, Redux, Flask, Swagger, Bootstrap, UIKit, Git, MySQL Workbench, Postman, Firebase, VS Code, Node Package Manager, Cocoapods


Uber - Software Engineer Intern June 2022 - September 2022
~ Developed microservice for verifying updated driver on-boarding business logic across 10,000 serviced cities
~ Leveraged Cadence workflows in Go for fault tolerant validation of modified logic before it enters production
~ Rebuilt front-end of internal tool used for crafting on-boarding flows with React and Redux to simplify UI
Golang, Cadence workflows, React, Redux

Tesla - Software Engineer Intern June 2021 - September 2021
~ Implemented a RESTful API for a factory software application that can process 100 requests in 1.5 seconds
~ Deployed API with auto-generating Swagger documentation used by thousands of engineers to production
~ Migrated application and established a Kafka consumer pipeline to load balance between event streaming systems
~ Added security enhancements and UI updates to numerous applications in order to strengthen data access control
Python, Flask, Swagger, SQL, Kafka

Robotics and Mechanisms Laboratory (RoMeLa) - Undergraduate Researcher October 2020 - Present
~ Developing website to interface with an autonomous cooking robot and using Flask to host the website locally on the central Raspberry Pi unit
~ Implemented serial communication capability between Raspberry Pi and Arduino to monitor sensor data HTML, CSS, Python, Flask


UCLA IEEE - External Vice President April 2021 - April 2022
~ Organizing the largest hardware hackathon on the west coast, IDEA Hacks (100+ participants)
~ Previously Corporate Relations Officer: hosted industry events with prominent partners for 300 members and fundraised $7000 for IDEA Hacks


Code Crumbs - JavaScript, React, Firebase, Postman, Chrome API April 2021
~ Developed Chrome extension that allows users to track search history in detail to aid the software development process
~ Implemented sign-in/login functionality using Firebase Authentication and capability to toggle the extension on/off

Insta-Chef - JavaScript, React, Python, Firebase, mealDB API March 2021
~ Created web application that enables users to discover new culinary recipes by name or ingredient and track all items in kitchen
~ Constructed React components to display various information and added front-end features to simplify the process of tracking ingredients

DisCovr - JavaScript, Bootstrap, Spotify API December 2020
~ Built a web application that enables Spotify users to find new songs not based on their prior listening history
~ Devised a song search query algorithm that randomly selects new songs efficiently and produced an intuitive interface for easy navigation of the app

Power Shower - C, Arduino January 2020
~ Ideated and prototyped an IoT smart shower timer hub in 36-hour hackathon to raise awareness of water consumption in college dorms
~ Runner-up for “Sustainability Award” amongst 60 participating teams
~ Integrated Bluetooth communication between Arduinos to allow for devices to join the IoT ecosystem

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